Born and raised in the fractured idyll of a multiple occupancy in the lush hills of Northern NSW, I made brief forays into the real world before retreating back home for the birth and raising of my children. My plans to have an all natural home birth followed by breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby-led weaning and all the rest of the lovely organic-baby dream were turned inside out when my first child was diagnosed with Gastroschisis at our 12-week ultrasound. Instead of our organic baby experience, we had more scans than I can count, an emergency cesarean following a failed induction, multiple surgeries, 16 days intubated, 4 weeks fed by TPN (IV feeding), inability to breastfeed, persistent hospital staph infections, many weeks of IV antibiotics, followed by many months of oral antibiotics, resulting in a near-sterile gut and severe food intolerances, intolerance to all formulas for the first 15 months, malnutrition, failure to thrive, and only 5 safe foods for over 3 years.  She was our opposite baby. Every single expectation I had about motherhood was turned on its head.

Slowly, over the first 5 years, we brought her closer to health, but at 5.5 years she was still dependant on a hypoallergenic formula for 80% of her nutrition, with only a handful of safe foods, chronic tummy pain, sleep and behavioural problems, intermittent eczema, learning and social difficulties,  MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), chronic constipation, and more.

Last January, we started the GAPS diet. Within 12 days she was off her formula. Within 8 weeks she was tolerating most levels of salicylates and amines, which had previously made her so very sick. Now, after 11 months on the diet, she eats a broad variety of foods and is better than she has ever been. Her healing is not done, it’s still a constant balancing act to find the foods and supplements that will nourish her to full health. But we are a million miles from where we were last year.

So this blog is where I hope to share what I have learned over the last 6.5 years. GAPS, food intolerances, wound care, ADHD, PND, parenting (mostly mishaps with the occasional win), maybe a few recipes -though I’m certainly no Kehoe, Kitsa or Kersten.

Most of all, I hope this will return me to my love of writing, which I have neglected for so very long. It already feels good.



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